Seed Library Starter Kit

To start a community seed library you need 2 things:

1) Community

There are 3 nested communities of people who make healthy seed libraries work. With a committed core of ~5 people, a seed library can quickly take root.

The Core – This is usually a small group of people who coordinate the running of a seed library. These people are responsible for: managing the seed collection and tracking its use, sorting and packaging seed that is returned and organizing events.

The Members – This is a larger group of people who actively sign seed out and ideally return seed back to the seed library.

The Curious – This is the largest group of people who stop by to learn about the seed library or who read about it with interest.

2) Seed

For communities in British Columbia that have a Core group ready to start a seed library, LifeCycles offers a Seed Library Starter Kit of BC grown seed. With this seed, we also provide access to the seed library management systems we have developed while creating the Victoria and Surrey Seed Libraries.

To receive a Seed Library Starter Kit contact:

Most seed libraries start with a collection of seed purchased or donated from a local seed company. Over time, seed is shared and held by the members of the seed library. It usually takes at least 5 years before community seed libraries become self-sustaining. In early years, seed libraries need to be re-stocked from outside seed sources. Some seed libraries are not focused on ever being self-sustaining, and are satisfied in the knowledge that they provide low-barrier access to seed in their community.